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dave grossoehme

Good Morning: I'm not surprised about Freedom Scientific's response on this
problem. Loosing focus goes back several versions in different
applications. The earliest version of Jaws was back in version 6 that this
problem started showing up for me. Sometimes you can alt+tab a time or more
to get rid of the problem. At times you are forced to shut Jaws down and
restart it. In version 13/14 I'm noticed it the worst, where you are forced
to shutdown and restart the computer to regain sound when reading messages
in Outlook 10 with Windows 7 on an Hp computer. Considering I have had this
problem on many different applications on my work computer I didn't even
think about reporting the problem.
Your Friend Dave

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This happens to me often. I lose focus especially just after I've entered
something, such as in an edit box. I haven't tried lately, but earlier this
year, FS tech support said it's a windows problem. I did have a sighted
person try the same action without using JAWS. No loss of focus. I hope
someone on the list will have a fix, but I'm pretty sure it's an issue that
JAWS needs to address.

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Yes, Happens to me a lot, even if the page is completely loaded. Alt+tab a
couple times, and even sometimes need to minimize IE and maximize again to
get it focused.

And I always have to press Ctrl+F6 to get out of the upper
address/favorites/search section. Very easy to get stuck in that tar-baby of

And yes, it's frustrating. In some particularly severe cases I even need to
use my JAWS cursor to find some text on the web page and press left click to
"wake up" the page into focus.

JAWS 13 and 14 both do this.

Using IE8. Windows 7.

Dave Carlson
Tastefully composed and launched near the Pacific Ocean using a Dell
Latitude E6520, JAWS 14, and Windows 7 Professional 32-bit

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I am not sure how to fix this. When I am in a window say reading the web,
JAWS would lose focus. I have to shift tab twice to get back to where I was.

Anyone else?


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