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dave grossoehme

Good Morning: You might be able to change the text size by changing what
font you are using? I don't use that application very often, so, I can't
tell you where that option can be found. Another option to try is write
your messages in notepad and copy them into your email messages and see what
response you are given.
Your Friend Dave

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Subject: text size in WLM

I have read through the WLM guide with Jaws.

I could not find any informatiion on chaning the default font size in WLM.

I have been told that my messages have very small text.

I have tried finding a way to correct this.

I used the auto graphics labeller to see if that would make more selections
available to Jaws, but no luck.

If someone has an answer please let me know.

Also, I am still having a lot of difficulty with this program, and wonder if
there is another email list that might be albe to provide some help.

Did Microsoft turn a pack of squirrels loose to design this program?

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