Re: text size in WLM

David Bailes

Hi Crystal,
the program does have it's problems.
By default, messages are sent using html, and with calibri font size 12.
You can change defaults in the mail options dialog, ctrl+shift+O.
On the send page of this dialog, after the international settings button, there's a pair of radio buttons html and plain text. By default it's set to html, and it's only if it's set to html that you can adjust the font size.
On the compose page, if you press the font settings button, the font dialog opens where you can change both the font and the size. Calibri is quite a small font compared to other fonts at the same size - verdana is bigger and very readable.
If you have any further questions, I (and I presume others) would be happy to answer them on this list.
In addtion there is a list just for email clients. I think you just have to send a message to the following address, and probably just put subscribe as the subject:
There's also a free freedom scientific webinar on wlm coming up on nov 28th and these webinars are archived:
best wishes
original message:
I have read through the WLM guide with Jaws.

I could not find any informatiion on chaning the default font size in WLM.

I have been told that my messages have very small text.

I have tried finding a way to correct this.

I used the auto graphics labeller to see if that would make more selections available to Jaws, but no luck.

If someone has an answer please let me know.

Also, I am still having a lot of difficulty with this program, and wonder if there is another email list that might be albe to provide some help.

Did Microsoft turn a pack of squirrels loose to design this program?


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