Re: IE8 and IE9 crashing with Jaws 12

Crystal French

Hi Chris,
I think you may be right about the older computer.

Mine is an XP Home, and I keep babying it along.

I guess the disparity between computer systems that Jaws is trying to span these days may be asking a lot.

It's just that I do remember early versions of Jaws where constant nose dives were not such an issue.

I sure don't know the answer, but trying to keep up with technology is a lot, as they say, like herding cats.


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Hi Crystal.

I can only report that Jaws 12 seems to work fine here. I have 11 around just in case, but at least with the latest version of 12, things appear to be working well.

That's on a new system running Windows 7 64-bit. Maybe JFW 12 throws a fit if it's on an older machine with Vista or XP? I don't know.

Chris, also hot here in Ontario Canada. 90 plus humidity that is - probably not as hot as it is in Texas.

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