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You could just change outlook to point to the other .pst file. Outlook doesn't care where they are. I am not sure how backwards compatible older pst files are but I think they will work with an newer version of outlook.
Tom Bisset

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Wow, I am thinking it won't work. But worth a try just the same.

In other words, what's the worst thing that could happen. Smile

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Hi, all,
First thanks for all the great Windows 8 messages; m saving them.

When one goes to a new operating system, one often has to get a new Outlook version like latest and greatest.

So in Outlook 2010, I know how to rename the outlook.pst folder to Outlook1.pst and make it "default" etc.

But my question is as follows.

Can one copy and paste Outlook1.pst from an "earlier" Outlook version into Outlook 22010 by Deleting Outlook1.pst in 2010 and pasting in the folder by the same name from the earlier Outlook version to keep computers identical in terms of e-mail messages?

If you are wondering the "why",...often people have different computers at different locations. Simple importing can create maddening duplicate messages. One wants both computers laptop et al to have identical info.

Many thanks.

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