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Bill Spiry

You can add the words including the modifying punctuation into the jaws
dictionary to address this.

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Yes, I've noticed that, as well. Can't give a specific example now, but
definitely some words pronounce differently when they are preceded by
certain other words or word endings.

Dave Carlson
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I find that punctuation before or after a word can sometimes change its
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Listers: Using jaws 14, IE9. Bible provided a very poor
attempt at pronouncing the name, Nathaniel. Using dictionary manager I
improved on it, but was still dissatisfied. I composed a message to this
list asking for suggestions for better phonetics and discovered in this
message Nathaniel is pronounced perfectly. How can this be? I have checked
both default and WLM dictionary manager and can come up with no

Thanks for any help. Stan, the puzzled one.
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