Re: IE8 and IE9 crashing with Jaws 12

Peter Holdstock <peterholdstock@...>

I completely reset IE9 so all add ons were removed but still had the problem.


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In the past, other listers have suggested looking down your list of add-ons
in IE's tools/options and disabling them one by one to see if the cause of
the crashes lies there.

I don't have this problem with IE, but I do with Firefox. Computers are
eccentric beings. Btw, I have XP Pro, not Windows 7.

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Subject: IE8 and IE9 crashing with Jaws 12

Morning all,
Using Win/7 Home Premium, and Jaws 12. When using Internet Explorer
(8 or9), and the newest versions of Jaws 12, newest bill and a older
bill, IE just stops working. I get a message that IE has shut down
and Windows is looking for a answer. Sometimes IE will come back
asking me, or should I say telling me, that the last browsing session
has shut down, would I like to restart it.
Any thoughts on why the IE problems?
Maybe IE is corrupted. This happens in both IE8 and 9.
I am baffled. Did a scan disc and a defrag also but with no good results.
Any help appreciated.
Morey Worthington

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