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Milton Ota <mota1252@...>

I will assume that you know how to get to the Setting Center with JAWS key and F2.

Open the Setting Center and it should land you in an Edit field.

Type Translation and tab once.

You should then land upon a list of braille translation options. Arrow up or down the list and find the choice of output options, press the spacebar to make the change, then tab to OK.

Now, if you want to have contracted braille for all the different applications you will need to press the keys control-shift-d after you have opened the Setting Center to bring up the Default configuration.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.
Original message:

I have a new Focus 40 Blue display, and am using Jaws 13, and Windows 7.
I would like to use the display with contracted Braille for both input and
Is there a way to write an emial address with that setting enabled?
I thought, perhaps, the 6 or 8 dot toggle might work, but it doesn't.
Any help would be appreciated.

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