Re: output issue with command prompt style programs

James Homuth

I'm just curious, but have you given maximizing the command line window a try. I see that a lot when the window isn't actually sitting where it's supposed to be and so parts of the desktop are visible. Usually that can be confirmed by making use of the JAWS cursor. On this end, maximizing the window fixes that.

On 10/11/2012 3:32 PM, Gabe Castellanos wrote:
Hello all, I am having issues with the output JAWS is reading on all
of my command prompt-style programs. e.g. cmd.exe or git bash or a
command terminal for ruby or my ssh client
It will correctly read the output the first time i open the program
but after will start reading what is on my desktop for how many lines
the program is outputting.
for example. I open git bash
type cd C:\
then ls
it reads me what is in my C:\ directory but after some point starts reading
Jaws 13... evernote...any password... dropbox... etc which are all on
my desktop. this is just an example it does this for any command that
outputs to stdout
not sure if this is a buffer issue in jaws? or what but can you help
or give me some insight of what to do.
most of my coding is using these types of programs so would appreciate
any help.
I'm running latest version of jaws 13 and 64 bit windows 7

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