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"Extra old versions?" That's not a realistic expectation. They would never
want to support it, and why would FS sell an old version when new ones at a
full price are readily available? Sorry for my skepticism, but I don't
visualize a box of old CDs laying around FS just waiting for a sale

Best is the rehabilitation or educational access route.

Dave Carlson
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Or a lions club? especially before they have to use funds for tax

But State, Lions club and person funds may not do it Ariel so I like
your idea.

I wonder if Freedom has extra old versions laying around they could let
you have for a song.

Happy friday

Bobby and Prince

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Well if you are really going to college and visually impaired, then
your local OVR or BVS state agency and they should be able to assist you
these needs and much more.

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Hi folks,
This is Ariel. I'm just wondering if anyone here is interested in
JAWS Pro version 10 and up. I really can't afford its full price, but I
in need to have this software. I recently started college, so I am on a
budget. I also had to purchase a lot of software for my classes, so I am
trying to save as much money as possible. If you guys are interested,
contact me of list at

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