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Hi Alicia,
Thanks for the info. I believe it's solved now. I can't take advantage of those benefits, but I found a copy of JAWS a lot less than its full price. Thanks,

On 11/9/2012 9:25 PM, Alicia Starner wrote:

Have you considered calling your local rehabilitation services for the blind
office? They may be able to help you with the purchase of, not only JAWS,
but of other adaptive technology to insure you have what you need to be
successful in college. It is just a thought.


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Hi folks,
This is Ariel. I'm just wondering if anyone here is interested in selling
JAWS Pro version 10 and up. I really can't afford its full price, but I am
in need to have this software. I recently started college, so I am on a
budget. I also had to purchase a lot of software for my classes, so I am
trying to save as much money as possible. If you guys are interested, please
contact me of list at arielsoxfan@....

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