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david <davidwhitehead1957@...>

the keystroke to append to clipboard in jaws14 is;
in order to iliminate keyboard acrobatics,
you could turn on the insert mode in the settings center.
this will enable you to,
1, press the insert key once, then all you need to do is,
press, windows-key+c.
the same would apply to the,
virtialize window, alt+insert+w. so you would, just press the insert key,
now, just press the alt+w,

try the following;

1, press insert+f2=run jaws manager dialog.

2, press the letter s=settings center press enter.

3, press ctrl+shift+d=default.

4, in the edit field type in,
insert mode,
you will hear;
insert key mode,

5, now tab until you hear;
insert key mode not checked,
here you could press the spacebar.
now tab okay press enter.
now alt+f4.

hope this helps.

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So, which key are you calling winkey? That's one I haven't heard. *smile*


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