Re: How to I get back to my in box on windows live mail

ken lawrence

Hi the problem seems to have corrected itself. when I sent this the original message I got a dialog asking for email adress/passsword/display name. and it works without a hitch. think I had some kind of a freeze. Oh Yeah something else, why is forms mode coming up when I type a message? is something else launching.

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Hello there;

Well, there are 2 different ways to get yourself back into the WLM inbox,

The first way is,
Press ctrl+#1 on the numbers row,

The second way is to
Press the f6key and down arrow and enter on mail.

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Subject: How to I get back to my in box on windows live mail

Hi list I arrowed down to far and I now can’t see my inbox. I see storage folder and quick views, but not in box and I just looked on
AOL directly and have two messages. so how to I get out of this storage folders unread from contacts and other stuff and restore myt corect view on windows live mail. Also another related note I am seeing an update is available for windows live essentials how to I click to install it don’t se a button or anything even with jaws cursor.
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