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Ari Damoulakis <aridamoulakis@...>

Hi Crystal
Are you meaning that jaws isn't working with the Word XP or with the
whole Windows 7? If its the whole Windows 7, is the version of jaws
you have high enough for it? I mean, I think you need jaws 10 at least
for win 7. If its the Word, as far as I've heard the new jaws doesn't
support old office suites properly? Sorry I can't help you further,
maybe you'll have to wait for sighted help, but strange jaws doesn't
perform properly. Maybe also try restart and see if it works better,
or try with NVDA.

On 10/23/12, Crystal French <> wrote:
I'm trying to get things going with my Windows 7 computer.
, Jaws doesn't read it, except very sporadically.

By that, I mean occasionally you hear a country.

If anyone has a suggestion to try I would welcome it.

Otherwise, I will have to wait for sighted assistance.

I've been looking for any help on what might make Windows 7 work better with


I have Word XP installed, but need to activate it.

On the page that wants to know the country, which is a combo box, I can not

get Jaws to read the selection.

I can not use down arrow after pressing enter.

If I use alt plus down arrow to show the list

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