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Stephanie Switzer

If it helps I appreciate all the work you put it to making these scripts.
Something I learned from making videos on youtube; you're always going
to have people who hate you, and wish you would stop what you are
doing. It's best if you don't reply to people like that, or let it
bother you. If you do reply make sure that what you reply with is a
positive thing. I learned that from a fellow youtuber, and call it
strange if you want but it seems to throw the haters off their game...
at least a little. I've found that advice works for just about
anything, not just youtube. :) It's also something that people often
forget to do... even me from time to time. :)

On 10/20/12, Kimsan <> wrote:
Dude must have an Inferiority complex.

You will always have your haters out there.

And, you will always have your congradulators out there to.
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I don't know who it was, but some dude decided he'd just insult me off list
on my contact page for even posting all these scripts on the list. Did I
come off as annoying or something? I'm just doing this because it's fun and
I wanted to give back to the blind community. He claimed I was a stuck up
person for deciding it was my task to script all these programs. Sadly, I
shake my head and presume he doesn't know the first thing about me.
an enemy I made?

John Martyn

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