Re: Jaws 13 and firefox 3.6.28

Jim L

What version of firefox works great with Jaws 13?

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I'd upgrade to a recent version of firefox, those old versions aren't
safe to use.

On 10/20/2012 02:17, Jim L wrote:
Heya folks,

When Im in edit fields or combo boxes with Jaws 13 and firefox 3.6.28
I type and select what I need to do then forms mode out of there and
Jaws seems to pop me to the top of the page or similar 1st heading and
then I need to find the edit box or combo box again which is simple
enough though it just gets annoying especially when filling out a lot
of edit boxes.

Any hints or tips I need to change in settings for when I forms mode
out again it keeps me on or near the last things I edited or selected?



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