contact info please for different helpful mailing lists for visually impaired computer users?

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I am not sure how else I can find out the answers I have to the following questions other than using this list, so this is why I have the following questions for the list, sorry that I am off topic with this E-mail. If I can, I would please like to know how I can subscribe to a mailing list or different mailing lists that is specifically for questions about using different voice software, not only jaws, with different computer programs and with different operating systems, such as the Linox operating system platform not just window based operating systems and programs. Any info help I can maybe get on how to subscribe to such a list would be so very much appreciated. Much thanks in advance for any help with this.

Also please, I would like to know how to subscribe to the mailing list? If anyone maybe knows how I can subscribe to this list, their great help will be so very much appreciated. Thanks muchly.

Also does anyone maybe know of a mailing list that is specifically for using the Linox operating system with different voice software and how I can subscribe to such a list? Thanks muchly.

Kindest regards,


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Thanks for your help it did the trick:)

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Instead of adjusting in word, change the format while you're in your web
browser. Press JAWS key+v for JAWS quick settings, then arrow down to
"virtual cursor options." The first pair of choices under that heading is
for selecting and copying. From what you write, you have it set to copy the
page the way it appears . Press the spacebar on that setting to bring up
"select and copy from virtual cursor." With that selection, any copy you
make from a webpage will go into your Word document with your Word
formatting intact.

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Subject: Jaws 13 and MS Word 2002

Heya folks,

I often copy and paste text from certain websites to my word document. Am
using Jaws 13 and Microsoft word 2002 on an XP home PC.

Just recently whether its particular websites I don't know when I paste text
to my word am getting words spread letter by letter down the page e.g the
word newspaper for example N E W S P A P E R

As you can imagine this gets very frustrating when it comes to reading text
that I want to save etc The only thing that fixes it slightly is under
format in word 2002 settings is clicking autoformat but this doesn't fix it
completely and copying and pasting text isn't as much fun as I once

I've gone thru my Jaws 13 word settings and turned off graphics but please
if there's any configuration or options I need to change to help me continue
my pasting important info from the web to my word document any help will be



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