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Dani Pagador

Hi, Will.
There's a list of keyboard shortcuts in the OneNote Help. I'm using JFW13's
most recent update--won't touch 14 till it's more stable, and I find that
JFW doesn't work very well with OneNote's ribbons, though it works fine with
other Microsoft Office apps. Maybe the keyboard shortcuts will help you move
a little further with the program.

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Hey Ari,

Thanks for your reply. That's disappointing news to hear, but not entirely
unexpected. From what I can tell, OneNote has a fairly visually-oriented
interface, which is not something that is going to be easily accessible for
anyone who is visually impaired. I'll try the other magnification software
you suggested and see if that has any of the same issues Zoomtext was having
when I ran the program.

I'm definitely still interested to know if anyone else has had any success
with JFW and OneNote or knows of some combination of programs that might
work. If it's not JFW related and hence not list related, feel free to PM

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