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Ari Damoulakis <aridamoulakis@...>

Hi Wil
For me, I've never managed to use JFW with one note properly. I am
thinking, since you have a bit of sight, how about you try use it with
something like Supernova magnifier from Dolphin or maybe FS MAGic? If
you use it for short periods of time, then you can use the demos of
these programs instead of having to buy them.
Sorry, but I really don't know if my answers helped you much at all,
but all I know is I've never been able to use this with jaws properly,
so I don't bother.

On 10/16/12, Will Cummings <> wrote:
Hello everyone,

I have a question about JFW and Microsoft OneNote. I will admit I am not a
very experienced Jaws user, so if this is an extremely easy fix I apologize
in advance for a dumb question.

I'm very interested in using OneNote for school, however I keep running
into accessibility issues. I'm partially sighted and still use Zoomtext a
lot, but apparently the combination of Zoomtext and OneNote is too much for
computers to bear, as several have consistantly frozen up on me and
required forced shutdowns. I also use JFW, particularly for reading long
passages, and thought that maybe I could access OneNote with Jaws. When I
tried, Jaws could read the main page fairly well, but could not navigate to
any of the tabs or other controls I was trying to reach (add new page, new
section, etc). I tried accessing the command list and software help for
Jaws and OneNote, and basically got the message that Jaws did not recognize
the program.

Has anyone else used OneNote successfully with Jaws, and if so, how? Do I
need a script? I know I could not write one myself, so if I do need one
where might I find one?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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