Re: Where is the Open Book List?

David Maynard <dmaynard35@...>

Hi Mike;

What you suggested is exactly what I did in step 1 of my message. I got the one week invitation as I said in step 2 and that is the last I have heard. Is there an active "owner"?



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Hi David,

Try the link below.

I am a list member & the list is active.
Take care.
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Subject: Where is the Open Book List?


Does anyone know what has happened to the OpenBook users list on yahoo? I
changed isp and can't get back on the list. I did all the usual things but
can not get subscribed.

1 I asked to subscribe.

2 I got a reply with was an invitation giving me two ways to confirm I
wanted to subscribe.

3 One of the options was just to reply to the invitation; which I did.

4 The other option was to go to a address on yahoo; which I did.

5 On that page it said if I thought it was taking too long to write to the
list owner. After 4 days I wrote to the owner.

6 The invitation was good for only a week. It has been ten days and I have
heard nothing other than the first invitation. I hope someone on this list
has some words of wisdom.

Thanks,Dave Maynard

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