Re: jaws won't read message in outlook 2003 with j14 beta 2

paul lemm

Hi Phillip,

Thanks for the advice I'll try that tomorrow when I'm at work and see if it
works.. it would make sense since it is only on outgoing emails I send and
not on incoming emails.
Paul Lemm

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I've had similar problems reading table-based messages. It's as though I'm
viewing a blank page with the up and down arrow keys pingging everytime I
attempt to manipulate them.

Have you checked your text field settings. It may have defaulted to html as
opposed to plain text? If not, try restoring your system back to an earlier
point - preferably back to a day or so before the problem occured.

If you need help doing this, please do not hesitate to get in touch.



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did you report it to FS?

At 06:10 PM 10/8/2012, you wrote:

I'm running the beta 2 jaws 14 at work using xp and outlook 2003.
When I go to type a new message or reply jaws reads the to, cc,
subject fields all fine but then when I go to the message jaws
announces 'message but won't
read any text from the message such as my signature, I
can type
text and hear the typing echo as I type but then can't go back and
review or hear any of the text I have written its like I'm in a blank
email. Has anyone else had this problem?

Paul Lemm

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