Re: jaws won't read message in outlook 2003 with j14 beta 2

paul lemm

No haven't reported it to jaws, I thought I'd check here for advise first in
case it was something I was doing wrong. I will try the suggestions and if
they don't work report the issue.

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did you report it to FS?

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I'm running the beta 2 jaws 14 at work using xp and outlook 2003.
When I go to type a new message or reply jaws reads the to, cc,
subject fields all fine but then when I go to the message jaws
announces 'message but won't
read any text from the message such as my signature, I
can type
text and hear the typing echo as I type but then can't go back and
review or hear any of the text I have written its like I'm in a blank
email. Has anyone else had this problem?

Paul Lemm

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