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There may be more than one reason why the page is refreshing. Chris'
instructions will help to stop with automatic updates, but I think that if
the page is designed to change based on a selection in a combo list or
drop-down list, then it will update as soon as you tab away from that
element. And I don't think there's a way to prevent it, since it needs to
change the page at that point to be contextually-relevant.

Those are the pages that usually throw the virtual cursor off somewhere in
the weeds, requiring that you once again navigate to where you intended to

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I have an application whose control panel contains an ever-changing
Web page, displayed in my browser of choice. The refresh rate is every
five seconds, unchangeable. Didn't there used to be, or, is there
still, a way in JAWS to ignore the ever-popping-up window and freeze
the thing to give you enough time to get at whatever you need to get
at in there? If so, what is it?

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