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Your research is laudable, but expecting that the problem lies with JAWS may
not be valid. How do you know that inconsistencies are not the fault of

If you really need to have accurate speech feedback, then your research seem
to indicate that you should stick with Eloquence.

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Subject: number testing and word testing of vocalizer voices Tom and

Here is a number string andI report how Eloquence reads it.
Numbers are in quotations.
2.00 8 1.30 9 .30 7 50 6" but are listed below minusthequotations.

These numbers read literally like
two point oh oh eight one point three oh nine point three oh etc. until
the last 3 numbers which are 7 then 50 and then 6.
The last numbers are read as seven fifty six.
2.00 8 1.30 9 .30 7 50 6

Now, a friend is testing the vocalizer Tom and Samantha with 3-syllable
words in sentences with lots of punctuationlike commas and dashes.

He is doing this to try to find problems which can be fixed during the beta.

Four syllable words seem good.

Final point,the individual helps peoplewith JAWS which I myself have found
very useful

I think the Tom voice is slightly muffled but it and Samantha are the
easiest to listen to for long time periods.

Will keep you posted per the voice experiment.

Have a fine day.

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