number testing and word testing of vocalizer voices Tom and Samantha

ptusing <ptusing@...>

Here is a number string andI report how Eloquence reads it.
Numbers are in quotations.
2.00 8 1.30 9 .30 7 50 6" but are listed below minusthequotations.

These numbers read literally like
two point oh oh eight one point three oh nine point three oh etc. until the last 3 numbers which are 7 then 50 and then 6.
The last numbers are read as seven fifty six.
2.00 8 1.30 9 .30 7 50 6

Now, a friend is testing the vocalizer Tom and Samantha with 3-syllable words in sentences with lots of punctuationlike commas and dashes.

He is doing this to try to find problems which can be fixed during the beta. |

Four syllable words seem good.

Final point,the individual helps peoplewith JAWS which I myself have found very useful

I think the Tom voice is slightly muffled but it and Samantha are the easiest to listen to for long time periods.

Will keep you posted per the voice experiment.

Have a fine day.

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