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Huh? Can you slow down a bit and start over with the actual question? I'm
not understanding at all what your problem entails.

Dave Carlson
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try to remedy that situation.

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Hi list members on my blip fm experiences I am running into an unbelieveable
issue and can’t find a solution. I have found that I can only use NVDA and
then only firefox to read the site correctly but it isn’t clicking where it
is reading. if I hit next it almost is completely randum. I’ve hit a
youtube video when clicking next or give props or reblip this. sometimes as
many as 10 links above where the voice says I’m focused. I can’t spend
credits to give props reblip a song or anything evn skip songs. it started
last friday and it is getting worse by the day. So I need to fix it so
jaw/ie will work with it. So here’s the drill. When I search for a song,
all the links but the songs, flag results or blips are seen. for example if
I want to search for ticket to ride by the beatles, it will in the results
read, “ link Blip, Link the beatles ticket to ride, Link preview, Link flag
this search result.” it reads in that order, but on Jaws and IE th title,
preview blip and flag while they read they don’[t appearas links. on
firefox it’s even worse, blip completely freezes the browser so I can’t
even shut it down. No links headings or tables or lists the form field for
a search comes up for a few seconds then vanishes. it is as if it starts to
load and is stopped by jaws like it to big to handle. so I have sent this
request to NVDA list, the Gui talk list on NFB, and to the tech center at
federation and even to support at blip and told them about this and the
recommendations to have a site administrator look at it. Why does the site
read correct and yet not read correct and if it clearly reads some and
clicks another how to I fix it. no malware on the machine according to
malware bites. the other strange one is this doesn’t seem to happen within
my own page and playlist. there is something when listening to your
favorite DJS that is different. I’d like to give props to DJs and add their
songs to my playlist as I go spending my 190 credits and earning more. need
to find out why this reads right in everny way but 1. The site is thanks,
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