Re: What antispyware works well with JFW 10 and up on 7 or XP?

Kevin Turnbaugh <kdtlkt83@...>

I run Symantec, and I have never had any problems even with upgrades to
JAWS. I have run this software from 10.0 to my current version of 13.0
without any issues at all.

Kevin Turnbaugh
New Oxford, PA

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Subject: What antispyware works well with JFW 10 and up on 7 or XP?

I just recommended Spybot Search and Destroy to someone with a Windows
7 system and JAWS 11. I tried it on my XP+JAWS10 system, and we both
had disastrous results with accessibility, plus my machine hung itself
on the next-to-last file being scanned. I have subsequently removed
SS&D from my system. My friend who was trying it along with me
unfortunately did something I would never recommend anyone do--namely,
he clicked the "Fix problems" button, and his system will no longer
run JAWS! I'm sure he'll fix that on his own. But I thought before
going back and trying another one of these things, I'd ask in here and
see what people know and think about things like SS&D, Super
Antispyware Doctor, etc., in terms of accessibility. SS&D sure didn't
have it.

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