Re: Windows 10 question with Jaws 17

Cindy Ray <cindyray@...>

I don’t know if you have used Siri with an iPhone, but it is Windows 10’s equivalent. You can ask it questions and the like. I haven’t set it up and it isn’t bothering anybody.




From: Lauren Snyder [mailto:princessesrule@...]
Sent: Tuesday, December 1, 2015 7:33 AM
Subject: Windows 10 question with Jaws 17




What is Cortana and do I need it using Jaws or should I uninstall it and if so, how do I do that?


Any helpful hints that I need to know about Windows 10 and Jaws 17 would be much appreciated.


I think I read from David that I need to uninstall Jaws 17 and reinstall it, is that right?


Thank you.







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