Re: JAWS 14 possible CPU runaway

Allen Stutts <astutts@...>

Great tip, but what are all sound enhancements?


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Subject: JAWS 14 possible CPU runaway

If you have been testing the new jaws 14 beta release and you are running
windows 7, some of you might experience a high CPU usage or the fan is on
non stop draining your battery as well. To fix this issue, press insert +
F11 and navigate to the sound icon in the system tray. Select playback
devices and choose your default sound device. Next, tab to properties and
control + tab to the enhancements page and turn off all sound enhancements.
Press apply and watch your system return to normal.

This only happened once I upgraded to JAWS 14 so this could happen to you.
It normally eats up around 40% of your CPU usage.

Hope this helps,

John Martyn

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