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My agency uses Notes as well. Unfortunately, I don't find Notes as easy to
navigate as Outlook, but I do have it pretty much under control. Notes has
an incredible number of options, and getting the right mix can make the
difference between having a useful tool and a headache.

When you say you want a short-cut to get from field to field, I'm assuming
that the tab key is not working for you. Jaws has a good description of
settings in Notes that you should use to make Jaws work better with Notes.
You'll find this in the Jaws help system, under application support.


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Subject: lotus notes shortcut keys? [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Hi all,

am running version 6.56 of notes.

using jaws 12 latest build.

I am unable to update to later notes since this is a t work.

does anyone know if there are any short cut keys to move to cc, bcc and the
section where you would change the type of message (this may be something
the department has modified.

Adam Morris

Sydney Entertainment Processing Centre

Department of Immigration and Citizenship

Telephone: 02 8861 4373 , (Monday-Thursday


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