Re: how friendly please is jaws with the Sykes Enterprises call centre home based web based software?

Chris Smart <csmart8@...>

They didn't let you check out their software to see if it is accessible, BEFORE, hiring you?
That seems odd.
Did you mention your blindness or screen readers to them during the interview?

At 08:51 AM 10/5/2012, you wrote:


I am wondering please, if anyone on the list maybe works from home for the Sykes Enterprises Inc. call centre as a home based customer service agent because I am wondering how good Jaws works with the web pages or web based software that Sykes Enterprises has the home based customer service agents use to take care daily of incoming customer service inquiries?

I ask this about how friendly is jaws with the sykes enterprises call centre home based web based software because as of yesterday, I have been hired by sykes enterprises to work as a home based customer service agent. Any help I can get on this matter would be very much appreciated. Much thanks in advance.

Warmest regards,

Hank W. Merchant

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