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dave grossoehme

Good Day: The question here would be if they are using a hard phone which
is a standard telephone, or a softphone which is software that works as a
telephone. A lot of companies are using Avaya, if this company that you
wish to work for has Avaya there are scripts that have been written for
Jaws. The other question you might wish to find out is what the name of the
software that they are using for a softphone, considering a lot of your call
centers are using a softphone of some kind. Good luck.
Your Friend Dave

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First of all, are you using a regular phone to log in to the system for you
to take calls or is this via a VOIP system (strictly computer)?
I believe it might depend on how the company utilizes the phone system and
the required equipment.

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Subject: using jaws and talking to a person through the same headset


I am wondering please what is the cheapest, simplest way to setup a
headset with a built in mike that will enable me for sure, to hear a
customer properly in say only the left ear wile talking to them through
the mike and with that same headset also hear properly and loud enough
Jaws in only the right ear, so I can handle properly and quickly inbound
customer service inquiries using a laptop computer and the internet? Is
there maybe a small external box I can buy that I would plug into my
computer and then plug the headset into this small external box that will
enable me to hear a customer in only the left ear and also hear jaws only
in the right ear of that same headset?
Any help with this would be so very much appreciated. Much thanks in

Kindest regards,


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