Re: Problem I am having with a web page using JFW11

Dave Durber


I would, but the problem I am having with this particular web site, is that it is one of the links on the first page after I have been given foll access to the site, after I have entered my user name and password.


Dave Durber

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Why don't you send us the link to the site, since some of us have access to other screen readers.

For example, on numerous websites with flash content, despite its claims to the contrary, Jaws does not see the buttons while System Access does.

Lansing, MI

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Subject: Problem I am having with a web page using JFW11

Hello everyone:

There is a company web site I would like to use on a regular basis.

After I have logged in, there is a link called "Activate Campaign".

I have used JAWS to read the screen from top to bottom, both before tapping ENTER to activate the "Activate Campaign" link and after tapping the ENTER key. nothing appears to have changed when the page is loaded because, JAWS tells me that the same number of headings and links are on the page. And when I get JAWS to read the entire page, the information on the page is the same.

I am told by the support people at the company, a box appears on the screen, with a list of options in it. JAWS may not be able to identify the box because of the code used to define the box, the box does not appear on my screen because of a problem accessing the particular path on the machine hosting their web site or, their might be a setting in Internet Explorer on my machine set, which might be preventing me from accessing the page with the box on it.

I have been in touch with FS Tech Support and no one seems to have an answer to my problem. I did suggest that someone at FS with sight, Tandem with my computer, with video and see if the box does appear on my screen or whether the box is a myth. However, they tell me in the escalations department, it might take a week or two weeks before such a person could set up an appointment to set up a Tandem session.

Would someone on this list, who has a high degree of sight and uses JAWS or someone who is "sighted" who uses JAWS, be willing to set up an appointment for a Tandem session or Remote desktop session to verify my problem?

I am using JAWS 11, Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3 and Internet Explorer 7.


Dave Durber
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