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Good suggestion; I would have done the same. However for the benefit of
others on the list it may be that restore will not run, if other programs
are not running.

And even if restore does go back to an earlier time the virus itself may not
be affected if it is lurking in system processes.

As Jackson suggested, Pat may have to resort to a new format of the hard
drive to remove all traces of the virus and install either from their last
known good backup/restore, or install the operating system and programs from

One hope for the former and not the latter, for Pat's sake.

Dave Carlson
From my Dell Latitude 630, currently not nearly close enough for my comfort
to my Audio Recording and Mixing Studios, San Francisco Bay Area. But I'll
try to remedy that situation.

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Try doing a system restore to an earlier point.

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I am running the latest Jaws and XP home.

I got a virus and my windows firewall alert activated -- however my cursor
was frozen and (after getting sighted help) found that I had options of
ignoring the alert and continuing but I could not get to this choice and
Jaws was not reading any of the information.

So, I cannot load Internet Explorer as it activates this virus -- wants me
to use xp security alert 2012 and loads an unregistered version etc. I
normally use Microsoft Security Essentials but I cannot run that either
from the toolbar or from the start menu.

Any advice?

Pat Pound
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