Re: Web Search "Breakthrough" In JAWS 14?

Candy <crlowesings@...>

I agree. I would love something that would solve a captcha. As you say, that would be a break through.


On Sat, Sep 29, 2012 6:50 AM CDT Gerald Levy wrote:

Here we go again. I just listened to FSCast 70 in which Eric Damery and Jonathan Mosen hype up the latest JAWS "breakthrough": a new feature in JAWS 14 called flexible web that allows you to skip over "visual clutter" on web pages by creating rules. After the demo by Jonathan Mosen, I was left wondering whether this new feature is more hype tnan help, much like Research It. I'm sure many JAWS users will find flexible web to be a useful feature, but to call it a "breakthrough" is a stretch. A real breakthrough would have been a captcha solving feature, so for me, flexible web is a disappointment. I'm sure you guys just can't wait for the release of public beta 2 of JAWS 14 to test this latest "breakthrough" from the fine folks at FS. I can only imagine how big and bloated the final release version of JAWS 14 will be.


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