Re: What gives with disabled keystrokes

Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS)

I'd try a repair, but he may need IT help to do that in a locked-down
network environment. If I'm not mistaken, he may be able to ask for and
obtain administrative or power user privileges just for JAWS, since he's
probably the only one in the shop using it. That was one of the real
positives in vista.

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Edward, I doubt it has anything to do with Windows 7. I've had
nothing disappear with either Jaws 11 or 12 under Windows 7 X64.

From what you said about allowing or blocking dll's, am I right to
assume you're using Jaws at work? Perhaps the problem is with
something your network administrator did or didn't do.

Something else you can try is running a repair on Jaws. The
following page gives instructions:


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