JAWS and PAC Mates

Richard Holloway

At the last NFB Convention in Dallas (last month) someone at the FS booth mentioned that one can apparently fully-enable demo Jaws on any PC by plugging a PAC Mate into the PC with a USB cable.

How long has this worked? The only machine I have JAWS on here is already setup with a license (Jaws 11), but I'd love it if my daughter could use JAWS on other computers, say at a friend's house, for example if she just plugged in a PAC Mate.

Is there a way to check before trying-- some software version number perhaps? It is a PAC Mate Omni that we bought when they were still fairly new (2007-ish maybe?) and we had a couple of years of SMA's and all of those extended service things.

It sort of killed me thinking we could have possibly had the same functionality at home this way without the extra $1000 expense, but I don't know if this capacity came out later or if we were just never told we had bought this feature.

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