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I follow what they mean. and not really, unless you use some sort of OCR jaws has nothing to read.

a scanned image is just that, an image, nothing to read until an OCR works the images over and attempts to turn the little marks on the picture into a text file type.

now then if you need a less expensive OCR, find abbey fine reader, and then hunt for an older version (I.E. if current version is 9, then look for 8 and you can probably get it at a significant discount!) although the last time I looked AFR in the current version was running 99.95 from its maker, quite a difference between that and openbook.

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I guess I am not sure what you are asking. If you scan a book using OpenBook you can read it with JAWS.


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Hi i know about openbook but want to find out if it's possible to scan a book in a format which jaws would be able to read?

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