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Stan Holdeman

Soronel: Yes, it is as you say except that when I hit continue the dialogue is closed but nothing else happens.


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You probably already have admin rights but were just running with the
normal user token rather than elevated. Didn't the window telling
you there was a problem also have something like a Continue button?
That will usually trigger the UAC elevation sequence and after hitting
Yes there then you can perform whatever operation you were attempting.

On 9/23/12, Stan Holdeman <> wrote:
Listers: When I tried to paste my seasoned jaws 13 dictionary file
)default.jdf) from my old machine into my new windows 7 jaws 13/settings/enu
folder on my new machine, I was told I must have administrative permission
to do this.

I guess this means that I must set up an administrator account unless there
is some way around it that I don't know about.

Are there any good suggestions about setting this up to have the least
hassle at log in, etc.?

Thanks for your help.


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