Re: WordPerfect problems after JAWS.14

Cy Selfridge

Hmm, could you remove and re-install WordPerfect?
Something must have gotten hozed up with JAWS 14 install.

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Subject: WordPerfect problems after JAWS.14

After I installed JAWS14 beta
I couldn't use WordPerfect 12.
Up and Down arrows spoke nothing.
Right and left arrows spoke only one character at a time.
Insert plus 2 spoke nothing.
Shift plus end said selected but trying cut or paste said not selected.
And the date was not placed on the clipboard.
It was not possible to route the JAWS cursor to the PC cursor.
Font seemed to be reported correctly.
I dropped back to 13 and got the same WordPerfect results.
I uninstalled.JAWS14 but got the same WordPerfect results on JAWS.13 and
I sent three bug reports to FS.
What else can I do?
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