Cursor Shape and IE9

Dani Pagador

Hi, Everyone.
I'm using Win7, JFW13.9yadayada, and IE9.
I know that in the Settings Center there's a way to get JFW to recognize
cursor shape. I've checked that box, applying that change to the default
settings, so for the most part know when there's an arrow or hour glass,
etc. But this doesn't seem to affect anything in IE. Is there anything else
I should be doing?
It'd be helpful to know when the cursor changes shape in IE. I click on a
link and it seems like it takes a while sometimes for the link to take
effect. My husband says the cursor appears to be spinning, so something
registers visually. But I get no verbal feedback from JFW so am not sure
sometimes if the keystroke has taken.
More Later,

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