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Hello Everyone

I've just finished reading a long thread with the subject line "
FS unwillingness to fix problems will be their downfall".

Though this post might be a bit long and possibly a tad off topic, I'd like to give just a couple of my opinions.

First of all in regards to the latest Jaws 14 beta version, let us remember that this is a beta and there are and will be some growing pains with this and future beta releases.

It seems to me that the best approach to letting freedom Scientific know of a bug is to report it in the bug report form found at

Though I do agree there are some issues with this beta version and other earlier versions, it would seem to be best if we all deal with those problems directly with Freedom Scientific; which now brings me to my second point.

I believe that if we are experiencing issues with both our versions of screen readers and the possible lack of attention being paid to these issues by all tiers of tech support, it could be in your best interest to climb the ladder; in other words, if you do not get satisfaction from one person and you have exhausted all avenues with that person, go to the next rung on the ladder.

Its my opinion if we make enough noise in the direction of the right person, we might get some action.

Now my last point would be that it is not always the fault of Freedom Scientific. We also need to look at the software publishers.

I can speak from experience that when working for a company who uses one particular suite of software of database system and then feel the need to upgrade, it can change the way Jaws will interface with that piece of software or system.

We need to make all software companies aware that it would be nice if they consider full accessibility and not just trying to add in some hacked patch and call it accessible.

Maybe we need to see if a act or even better a law be passed making sure that any piece of software or operating system be fully accessible under one specific standard.

This might be accomplished by signing a petition or writing to our congressmen and or senators; after all, this is an election year.

In conclusion I'd like to say that writing about such problems on a mailing list such as this is a good way to vent, but it doesn't solve the problem.

We need to go to the source and speak to the right person. If enough of us do that, maybe something can be accomplished.

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