laptop issues...what I decided.

ptusing <ptusing@...>

many thanks to those who responded to my laptop query.

I narrowed the choices to Dell, Acer and Lenovo. It appeared to me that I did not wish to hasslewith hewlett-packard 17 inch laptops with so many keys to remap. Although I lovethe 15-inch Fujitsu laptop,I was buying a 17 inch laptop which had remapped numpad keys. I knew this because of what a jfw list member said. When changing layout to laptop layout , no numpad keys read correctly with JAWS which is opposite what the list member said so I knew there was some problem.

Although I did not choose Lenovo 17-inch laptops whose video cards use the onboard chip:
I do like the 15-inch Lenovo laptops. Most of those that I saw at least had full keyboards. From my research, it appears that the keys are not remapped. But one can easily and quickly discoverthat when one launches JAWS and one finds out whether insert + t" and other keystrokes using numpad insert work. .
I picked a laptop with dedicated memory on the video card asI use MAGICand JAWS.

The only issue I have foundthus far is that in minimizing applications to go to the Desktop, onehasto tap 2 letters before one can select aDesktop icon. No big deal.

The Adobe reader works fine in reading 3 column text using JAWS and MAGIC if one chooses the reading option with the words "raw stream" in the choice.

Sorry if I am not technical enough.

The 16.3 inch long laptop fits into my carrying bagthat is on wheels.

TARGUS has a standwith the fan wich acts to cool the laptop that extends laptop life which has 4 additional USB slots. The stand can be raised or lowered or flattened to fit into a suitcase.

Thus I hope I am repaying those who responded. This search has taken me days--time returning laptops and convincing stores to not charge me restocking fees--and
the aggrivation of having Windows 7 set up only to find out that JAWS was quirky on the remapped laptops.

Because I was such afan of Fujitsu and still do like Fujitsu 15-inch laptops,I called headquarters and madesome one listen to me.

I hope those disability advocates out there will help insist that laptop Sales personnel will at least admit when keys are remapped before one purchases a laptop that just might not work
well with JAWS. The remapping also might affect other screen readers, butIa m not sure about that.

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