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I never used outlook 2003, if I did, it was very brief.
As far as this conversation issue are you wanting to have it state
"conversation: jaws question 2 items one unread"?
In this case, the conversations will be collapsed and you will have to right
arrow to expand the conversation, then you can down arrow through the emails
to see who sent them or when the conversation is collapsed, you may simply
hit the delete key and the entire conversation will be deleted.
If this is what you'd like to do, if any of what I said made sense, I can
help you off list because that will be a lot to type lol.
For starters, look under the view tab and see if show as conversation is
checked. After that, we can go from there off list at if you want more help.

Kimsan Song
Online Access Technology Trainer

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I've just joined the list so hi to everyone, and have a question about jaws
and outlook 2010 and its conversation view. In my old version of outlook
2003, when viewing messages in conversation view jaws read the subject and
said how many emails in that conversation. However in outlook 2010 jaws
always reads the names of all senders first, then the subject which is very
annoying if lots of people have replied since you have to listen to all the
names before you hear the subject and find out if it is something you are
interested in. is there a way to change this so it reads subjects and how
many messages in each conversation before who has sent messages in that

Many thanks in advance

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