bluetooth and the focus

Richard Holloway

The other reason I want to get away from qwerty based solutions for things like Control Keys, is I want to be able to use the built-in bluetooth wireless from across the room with the Focus 40 display.

I sent a message to Freedom but have no answer so far, so I'll ask here, Sorry if this is too far from the main forum topic, but does anyone have experience with setting up bluetooth on one of these? I thought this computer had bluetooth, but the list comes up and shows no devices, and I can see the Focus Display on other machines, so I know the Focus keyboard has bluetooth active.

I assume I will need to buy a bluetooth to USB adaptor for the computer and wonder who else may be using one and can confirm that a particular model gets along well with the Focus 40 Blue.

If anyone knows of a forum more suited to Focus displays, I'll check there too, but it seems like these things mainly work with JAWS, or at least they are generally used with it on PC's so this is the only place I can think to check.

Thanks again!

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