Re: FS unwillingness to fix problems will be their downfall

Gerald Levy

So Johnny Carson is alive and well and working for FS? And I thought he had passed away and gone to late-night heaven, when all this time he has been secretly working for FS. But waht would a stand-up comic know about JAWS anyway? LOL!


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I have had issues that have been fixed, but over about ten years nothing has been fixed when the problem ended up with the man you named. He is the real issue.

David Maynard
Franklin NC

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Subject: FS unwillingness to fix problems will be their downfall

Hi everyone,

Well, here we go again. Another version of Jaws with exciting new features, but no solutions to ongoing problems that have plagued Jaws for months, if not years. Here's the issue I've been having with Jaws since Jaws 11, I think.

I use an MS database at work. The database tracks textbooks that I've requested alternate formats for. Students requests come to me via email, and I must copy and paste the information into my database. The field for the ISBN is set up not to accept dashes in the ISBN number, however, when students send me requests they usually include the dashes in the ISBN. So, when I receive a request, I'll copy the ISBN from the student's email (with dashes), go to the table in MS Access that hold the archive of books we've gotten files for in the past, move to the ISBN field, press CTRL F to search that field, and, then, at least in Jaws 10 and earlier, paste the student's ISBN into the search field and then arrow to the dashes in the ISBN and delete them, and then press enter to do a search.

Since Jaws 11, after pasting the ISBN into the search field, I am not able to move the cursor to the dashes... it just doesn't move. So, what I must do is paste the ISBN into notepad, remove the dashes, and then copy and paste it into Access.

I contacted Freedom Scientific about this and was told that the problem was due to the fact that I was using Windows XP. That was the extent of their help. Then, last spring, we got new computers, and, mine had Windows 7. But, much to my chagrin the problem still existed. I contacted Freedom again, and the issue was escalated up the chain. John Carson, I think that's his name, asked me to send him a copy of my database so they could look at the problem. I made a copy, removed all relevant personal data, and sent it to him. This was last June. I heard nothing back, so this fall I emailed John to see if he found anything out. No response from him. Actually I had emailed at the end of June too with no response.

The sad thing about this is that if I use NVDA, it works fine in the database in the search field.

It's my opinion that FS ought to be very careful how they handle their customers. There are many, many more options out there today, and, I for one am enjoying using a Mac with VoiceOver... no database solution in the Mac that works well yet, but one day. NVDA works well, and the price is right. I'm sorry for the rant, but I'm getting very frustrated with FS attitude that they are the only game in town and don't, therefore, need to respond to customer complaints.

End of rant.

Hope you all are well.

Sent from my iMac running Mountain Lion!

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