Re: basic questions again

Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS)

Wonder if JAWS key-1 would help here, if you don't mind a bit of
fumbling with the extra keys. Please bear in mind this is a suggestion
from one who has absolutely no experience with any embosser newer than a
Perkins or a Lavender, but that key combo works great on a regular PC.


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I'm back with a dirt simple question here again, and this must be
documented somewhere I realize. I have looked through what I have
though,and I see no answer. From a braille keyboard with JAWS 11, how do
you enter things like control keys?

Richt now, my daughter is fumbling about on her qwerty keyboard for that
and the going back to the Focus display. That seems pretty impractical.
There must be a list of braille keystrokes for the likes of CTRL,
Function, etc., somewhere. Any suggestions to find a list would be much
appreciated, but for the moment, just the control key would be a dandy

I'm guessing some of the extra keys may have that use, or be
programmable for it, and that there is probably also some sort of
key-chord or two-stage entry for this as well?

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