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Rose Combs <rosecombs@...>

No, my problem is different in Outlook 2010 if I am reading through a list
of messages, and press control period to move to the next message part of
the last message is read and part of the one that has focus is not red.
driving me crazy and makes me want to uninstall the beta but there are a
couple of other features I am using and like, like being able to read
difficult e-mail messages that no other version reads well.

Rose Combs

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The first couple of days when I opened a email in outlook 07 and did a
insert key 2 on the num pad it would read the entire message now this
morning it now only reads the current paragraph and then if I do insert 2
again it reads the next paragraph.
Anyone els having this issue?
Running win xp pro service pac 3
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