Re: problems with comboboxes on this site

Adrian Spratt


Two things occur to me. One is that if you're already in forms mode, you
don't necessarily need to press alt-down arrow to open the combo box. I know
this is sometimes true, if not always.

Second, after arrowing up or down to your selection inside the combo box,
press alt-up arrow to keep it in place.

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Subject: problems with comboboxes on this site

This site has several combo boxes to narrow search results. The only one
I've successfully changed with Jaws is the number of bedrooms.
Alt+down arrow doesn't' appear to open the control although I am in
forms mode. Also keep moving to the address bar when I tab from the price
combo box.

Anyone want to try this out for me?

IE9 Windows 7. Tried compatibility view and carrot browsing.

Tried with the beta and 13.


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