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Soronel Haetir

I can say for sure that chroam uses the firefox scripts etc for jaws
(including the jcf), it's in my config-names.ini and I didn't put it
there. This does tend to make me think that Google at least started
by using some version of the mozilla gecko engine rather than starting
from scratch (gecko is the actual layout/rending system that Firefox
is built around).

On 9/14/12, James Homuth <> wrote:
I don't believe Chrome is built on the Mozilla platform, but I also don't
pay much attention to Chrome as the few times I've fought with it, I ended
up just removing it and using something else. I've noticed, though, that
I've been needing to refresh the screen more frequently when pages update
while using either Firefox or IE on a 32-bit XP system running JAWS 13, so
I'm not entirely sure what the issue is.

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Has anyone out there tried using Google Chrome with the Jaws 14 beta?
I've noticed that when going from one web page to another, I seem to need
refresh the Screen to read the current page.
I also believe this might be happening with Firefox since it is my
understanding that both Chrome and Firefox are built on the Mozilla
I'm using the 64 bit edition of the beta on a vista machine.
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